14 Jul 2012


 It's mid Winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and in downtown Brunswick we are having all weather extremes. From cheery  to miserable- often in the course of a day!
So when the sun is shining I'm cheery too. Because it really makes a difference to business. Customers are happier ( maybe it's because they are getting their vitamin D hit), and the general shopping vibe clicks over to buying mode. Sun = Gleaners Success!!
 In keeping with the name of the shop, I have been *Gleaning* some furniture for displaying our wares.
Hello ladder (from the naturestrip), a chest of drawers and an old table to sit on my vintage trestles (from the tipshop).
 And if it's a bit quiet these blue eyed girls keep me company!

5 Jul 2012

Craft Cubed presents "Feather Your Nest"

The "Feather Your Nest" exhibition at Gleaners Inc. is a satellite event of Craft Victoria's Craft Cubed Festival!
There will be lots of exciting exhibitions, open studios, workshops and more in this years festival.
I have created installations for the Craft Cubed Festival over the last two years at The Curious Oyster and Pussycat Black, and I'm very excited that in 2012 I will be able to host an exhibition in my own venue!!
It's not too late to submit work for the show. All the details are here.

2 Jul 2012

Keeping warm at Gleaners Inc.

 How do you keep warm in wintery ol' Melbourne town? 
I go with woolly hats and jumpers ( and lots of propping by the heaters)
 We have a rack bulging with pure wool knits from the Sister Outlaws in hipster retro stylings...I'm looking at you Design Files guest blogger boy!
You could choose some cosy fingerless gloves by Shara Lambeth,
or some rainbow tights by Melanie from Textile Allsorts.
We've got Winter covered at Gleaners Inc. xxxx