31 Oct 2011

Happy Skull Day

Look who came into Gleaners today...Wednesday Adams sans wig! Wednesday agreed to show off the Betty Jo Sugar Skull Clock as we are celebrating the Mexican Day of the Dead this week.

There maybe a bit of trick or treating tonight with my miniature Jason from Friday The Thirteenth, but there will be absolutely no mention of the Cup this year. Sorry.
So to celebrate  Día de los Muertos, the end of blogtoberfest, and the fact that I haven't had a GIVEAWAY yet on the Gleaners Inc. blog there is a Betty Jo Sugar Skull brooch up for grabs. It will be very muchos like these guys.

So just leave a comment on this post or on the facebook update to win.
For a great overview of the Day of the Dead and all it's creative connotations you must read the awesome Madeleine Stamer's guest post on the Design Files this week. I think some Betty Jo skullies maybe making an appearance.
And finally I just want to thank everyone who has shown support for Gleaners Inc. this month. I have had fun blogging everyday in October and taking you on the Gleaners journey.
Gleaners Inc. will be open tomorrow for all you public holiday peeps! So come on in , I will be cracking open the bubbly at champagne o'clock!

30 Oct 2011

Birds and Bunting

Betty Jo Birds and Curlypops bunting. Owlie tried to fly off his perch today and broke a wing....all better now.

29 Oct 2011

Día de los Muertos!

Day of the Dead Altar in the Gleaners Inc. window. Please note the unintentional reflection of the glorious Spanish mission building opposite. This was once the Brunswick Markets and has now been preserved in all it's brick and stucco glory!
Note the decorative sugar skull garlands by Julianne from "Sweet By and By" (these are for sale) and my new Sugar Skull Clock (which is also for sale). Tomorrow I am going to a Day of the Dead party hosted by one of my Gleaners Inc. neighbours, who is the most charming of Mexican boys one would ever hope to meet.  
Estoy emocionado!

28 Oct 2011

Hello Gleaners Inc.

 Peeking into my studio from the counter.
Lovely hand woven bird cages by Sqiggly Rainbow hanging from the interesting architectural feature that hides and diffuses the fluorescent lights.

27 Oct 2011

Red Cats

 There's some cute things peeking out the window at Gleaners Inc.
I think I will call them Sprinkle and Speckle!

26 Oct 2011

Royal Visit

We had our own royal visit at Gleaners Inc. today.
The Queen and her Lady in Waiting. No curtsying was done, but I did offer Curlypops the best chair!
There they are looking all crafty regal!

25 Oct 2011

Black Swan

I'm sure most of you would have been pleasantly disturbed by the movie "Black Swan". Well this blog post has nothing to do with the movie, but everything to do with black swan figurines,  

 and gold ones,
and green ones.
  Available at Gleaners Inc. A great way to start a collection... or enhance one.

23 Oct 2011

Sunday Funday!

I have been potting up succulents in odd pots, tins and teapots to bring some greenery to the industrial facade of Gleaners Inc.. They were going to be for show, but sure enough people have been asking to buy them. Last week I sold five! So from now on they are officially for sale. 
Mr "Wise Old Owl" ( as his mate named him) took a fancy to my macrame owl today. The Owl probably predates this dude by a good 10 years!

22 Oct 2011

"Bunting Crazy"

Today I'm going to snaffle a few pics. from the very talented crafty gal Jay from Finki.who visited Gleaners Inc. the other day and picked up a Betty Jo bunting necklace, and a cute kitty brooch.
Thanks Jay for the sweet review of the shop . I must say the lino "Bunting Crazy" necklaces have been proving to be a Gleaners best seller..so thanks to all who have visited over the past two weeks. I am having a ball!
And I'll share Jays great tip for your visit to Brunswick.....
"You could make a day of it and come see me at Olive Grove, pop in for some op shopping at Savers, see Liz at Gleaners then dine at any one of the awesome cafes or yummy Turkish restaurants on Sydney Rd."
Just ask me for my pick of the Turkish eaterys!!

21 Oct 2011

Green Flying Ducks

Green Flying Ducks

The newest set of Betty Jo Flying Ducks are now available at Gleaners Inc. and maybe making a guest appearance on a bill poster near you. Keep your eyes peeled Melbourne folks!!!

20 Oct 2011

Balls of Sweetness

Some gorgeous crocheted bead necklaces just arrived at Gleaners Inc. today. Made and delivered by Julianne, one of the famous Sister Outlaws
Julianne borrowed Thumbelina's crochet hook  to create these limited edition necklaces....so you can imagine how many teeny tiny stitches went into each piece. 
 The colourful petite balls.....
And the chunkier version. Available now, and only at Gleaners Inc.

19 Oct 2011

The Cats Pyjamas

We now have a cute selection of "The Cats Pyjamas " recycled fabric hats at Gleaners Inc.
The designer Kurt sews these babies on a solar powered sewing machine!
There's a guys and gals range made from upcyled tweed jackets and retro fabrics.
Very 60's Canaby Street!

18 Oct 2011

Abandon Yourself in Textiles!

Today at Gleaners Inc.we had a  visit from the upcycled textile queens of Melbourne, Gaye and Melanie.
Gaye dropped off some amazing "Gaye Abandon" homewares, purses and her famous Hottie Jumpers.
Melanie delivered her cutealicious cloth book pictures and refashioned "Textile Allsorts" T-shirts.
Talk about an infusion of colour and texture.
Recycled Jumper placemats, coaster sets, purses and  hottie jumpers.
Amazing table runners backed with old grandpa style tartan dressing gowns .
Handstitched vintage clothbook  pictures.
Funky refashioned T-shirts.

17 Oct 2011


Wow, one week of having the doors open at Gleaners Inc. and I'm happy to report it's chugging along nicely.
If you want to see some lovely photos of the shop, pop over to Lucy King's blog The Bowerbird.
Lucy's range of "Me Old China" hand cut vintage plates are available at Gleaners Inc. and would be  perfect for a housewarming or wedding gift......or a treat for yourself!

16 Oct 2011

Greg Mann Jewellery

We are very lucky to have an awesome collection of Greg Mann Jewellery at Gleaners Inc.
Greg's jewellery has been constructed from recycled materials gleaned from opportunity shops and Trash 'n' Treasure markets. Cutlery of all shapes and sizes, souvenir teaspoons and plastic toys.
 I am now wearing my blue parrot earrings everyday!!!!!
In his "Animated" series, parts of toys have been used to resemble wall mounted trophies....but not in a creepy, big bad hunter way...more frivolous, fun and decorative.

15 Oct 2011

Brunswick Buzz

I finally remembered to bring  my decent camera into the shop today.......
Here are some pics. of our little shop. We are having fun meeting people (friends and strangers alike) and loving the Buzz in Brunswick.

14 Oct 2011

Pretty Kitty

Beautiful fabric designs are my second favorite thing. Ten points for guessing what is my first....(yes it is usually looked *down* upon!).
So you can imagine my pattern induced happiness when I opened the parcel of Kitty Came Home clutches and journals.
 Available right now at Gleaners Inc. because we are OPEN and looking forward to visitors!
We are at 2 Ballarat Street Brunswick. Just off Sydney Rd. down from Deans Art.
(but please be patient with us as we are still newbies to the hustle and bustle of Brunswick trading!)

13 Oct 2011

12 Oct 2011

Me Old China

A lovely selection of "Me Old China" customised pre-loved plates are now in Gleaners Inc.
I finally met  the very delightful Lucy King today while she dropped them off, and after following her blog and loving her stylish house on The Design Files, it was great meeting her in real life. And just as I suspected, she is the nicest person!

11 Oct 2011

First Customer!

We un-officially opened the doors at Gleaners Inc. today, and yippee, here is our first customer.
She wanted to be incognito, but there's no secrets here at Gleaners Inc.!
Madame Anna aka Polly Pratt picked up the " Rosy Owl Cuckoo Clock" and I am sure it couldn't have gone to a better home.
Tomorrow I will also have the doors un-officially open, so pop in and say hello.

10 Oct 2011

On Our Way......

Some preview pics from "Gleaners Inc.". Opening any day now!!!!!
Looking in.....
 The famous "Stairway to Nowhere......."
Looking out..........2 Ballarat Street Brunswick.