29 Apr 2012

The veiw from here

One minute stormy, the next minute fine in old Brunswick town ( thanks to Miss Foo for the blue sky pic.)

Gleaners Inc. first grafitti. 
After posting the first pic on instagram Geekamour suggested I add my own little message. As I mentioned on Face book, I can understand why urban graf peeps find guerilla knitting annoying. But it's not flippin permanent and it's a god sight more attractive than texta scribbles.

22 Apr 2012

Finders Keepers

 If you we lucky enough to visit the Finders Keepers Market this weekend, you would have been swept up in a colourful throng of cool and savvy Melbournites enjoying the fantastic vibe of the market.
 The  Gleaners Inc. stall was crazy busy from beginning to end. I snapped some pics. before the huge Saturday crowds, and borrowed some iphone pics from Tess from Peppermint Mag, Cam from Curlypops and  Kelly from The Storybook Rabbit.
Middlemost clothes

I spy Greg Mann Jewellery , Curlypops Brooches & Bunting, Sister Outlaws Re-Sew-Cool Kits, Pannikin Jewellery and Pleaty Bunny Framed Collages
Each to Own goodies

The Textile Allsorts hand printed Tights went off!
Gaye Abandon Hottie Jumper.

Big thanks to all the customers who visited us, all the designers who lovely work made our stall look so colourful and extra thanks to those who helped out ( Kerry, Gaye, Melanie, Jamie and Greg).
Hooray Finders Keepers. You have pulled off another great event!!!

15 Apr 2012

Gleaners Inc. way back when.......

                             stylish men visited to purchase hand made shirts.
Gleaners Inc. now

A bit of history is interesting don't you think. Especially when it puts things into context.
Gleaners Inc. is housed in the foyer of an old textiles Factory. Purpose built for Yakka in 1955,  it also housed Fletcher Jones till they moved to Warrnambool. Afterwards it was the base for Perruci shirts, "Actual Makers of Craftsman Tailored Shirts in the European Tradition".
You can read an interesting post about the demise of Perrici Shirts here. We are introduced to Bill Perruci(above)  and it makes an  interesting comment on the textiles industry and onshore manufacturing in general. I often get continental gents swinging by enquiring if the shirts are still available or staying longer and  telling me about their shirts in detail. Look closely at the picture and you may spy an old "King of Pop". (one of many famous customers I'm sure.).

11 Apr 2012

Who's been Gleaning??

Freshly "Gleaned" goodies at Gleaners Inc. Top left: Cute English picnic set. Top right: Retro Shell Plant Pot, Bottom right: Venice plate from Picnic Set, Bottom left: Cool Cat embroidery (this is a biggy)

6 Apr 2012

Happy Easter from Gleaners Inc.

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone.
Gleaners Inc. is officially closed on Good Friday, but Liz needs to potter in her studio, so we will have the door open for visitors.
We will be open on Saturday as usual from11-4, Closed on Sunday, and then open again on Monday from 11-3. CHOC ON!

5 Apr 2012

Doily POWER!

The show  "I say Doilies,You say Doyleys" is still running at Gleaners Inc. till April 13th.
We have had tons of lovely visitors  to our show including a mini bus of gorgeous women from the nursing home in Westgarth. Although we are a cosy space we discovered Gleaners Inc. can easily accomodate a bunch of walking frames and still allow plenty of room  for SHOPPING!

Rayna Fahey from Radical Cross Stitch has transformed an old timey serviette (with gravy stains still intact) into a precise political AND environmental message!

Rayna's solo show "It's Never Too Late To Mend" is opening at the Incinerator Gallery in Moonee Ponds on April 13th.

3 Apr 2012

Eastery Goodies

If you need an alternative to Choccy this Easter we have Lino eggs and Each To Own wood and paper rabbits at Gleaners Inc............ actually, I don't really mean as an alternative, I mean something Eastery AS WELL AS CHOCCY!

1 Apr 2012

Vintage Clothing Suitcase Sale

Gleaners Inc. is having a Vintage Clothing Suitcase Sale with everything going for $10 or 3 items for $25! Starts today.
Don't be an April Fool and miss out on lots of cute vintage BARGAINS
P.S. The Sale goes for two weeks!!!