22 Apr 2012

Finders Keepers

 If you we lucky enough to visit the Finders Keepers Market this weekend, you would have been swept up in a colourful throng of cool and savvy Melbournites enjoying the fantastic vibe of the market.
 The  Gleaners Inc. stall was crazy busy from beginning to end. I snapped some pics. before the huge Saturday crowds, and borrowed some iphone pics from Tess from Peppermint Mag, Cam from Curlypops and  Kelly from The Storybook Rabbit.
Middlemost clothes

I spy Greg Mann Jewellery , Curlypops Brooches & Bunting, Sister Outlaws Re-Sew-Cool Kits, Pannikin Jewellery and Pleaty Bunny Framed Collages
Each to Own goodies

The Textile Allsorts hand printed Tights went off!
Gaye Abandon Hottie Jumper.

Big thanks to all the customers who visited us, all the designers who lovely work made our stall look so colourful and extra thanks to those who helped out ( Kerry, Gaye, Melanie, Jamie and Greg).
Hooray Finders Keepers. You have pulled off another great event!!!


  1. It was so busy that I'm sure I missed half of the stalls. I couldn't get anywhere near them!

    1. At least you saw some stalls. I didn't leave the Gleaners stall for the whole of Friday and Saturday( except to run and buy a cupcake for sustenance!)

  2. You're quick with the wrap up, I'm still lingering over my morning coffee in pjs, a little shell shocked!

    1. I'm trying to get on with things as I have a shop to open today and stock EVERYWHERE. No pj's for this shell shocked little black duck!!!
      How did you go Michelle?

  3. Fantastic Finders Keepers market. Loved it, hugely packed! Beautiful venue too, which adds to the ambiance and style of work that is created with love and tradition and creative spirit. Very appropriate. Great to meet you and hope to visit the shop in the not too distant future.

  4. Well done Liz! What a HUMUNGUS effort. It was packed!