29 Sep 2011

Australia Rules

No, not Australian Rules as in the BIG match this Saturday. Australia Rules. As in Australia rules in the kitsch souvenir department! Deep down I know alot of us don't mind a bit of Aussie kitsch,eh mate!
"Gleaners Inc". won't shy away from it either. Because if there's a souvenir teatowel or spoon or tray, no doubt you will find it at Gleaners Inc.transformed into a unique, one-of-kind gift!
I just scored this Spoon Rack...now I have an excuse to bring home more spoons to fill er up! 

18 Sep 2011


Finds from a spot of *Gleaning* this weekend! Have you had any curbside scores lately?

17 Sep 2011

13 Sep 2011

Call Out!

We are now sourcing handmade items for Gleaners Inc.. If you have a unique vintage, recycled or prepurposed inspired product and would like to be a part of this exciting new enterprise, email us at gleanersinc@gmail.com
We are happy to consider most proposals, but  will draw the line at all of the above!

10 Sep 2011

Opening Soon.....

"Gleaners": accumulators, collectors, gatherers.
"Incorporated": united or combined into a whole.