19 May 2012

Saturday Matterday!

Ok , it's hard to find a good rhyme for Saturday! But if getting a wee bargain matters to you, Saturday (today) at Gleaners Inc. is the place to be.
 ALL Betty Jo Designs jewellery in store is 50% off. Yep, that's half price! There's a couple of these hex designs left as well as brooches, pendants and beaded necklaces.
Check out the macrame plant hangers knotted up on site in the Gleaners Inc. studio
There are heaps of handmade woolly goodies available to celebrate the chillier season.....

Including vintage hand knits galore!!
See you soon xxx

15 May 2012

Shop Stuff!

Today I was busy making up my Etsy sale orders in the studio with my shop buddy Mr Green keeping an eye on things.
I was also having fun  making more "Day-Glo Club" necklaces!
 Once upon a time  before Coke and Fanta there were these. Who fancies an icy cold glass of fizzy Tarax or Marchants?

11 May 2012

Crafternoon Window

The new "Crafternoon" window at Gleaners Inc. was decorated by Renee from RMIT for her Visual Merchandising project. It's warm and woolly and granny lovely!
If you would like to decorate the Gleaners Inc. window just drop me a line.

6 May 2012

Softies and The Cat!

We are lucky enough to stock a selection of hand made Koalas and  Dollies by Jennie from A Little Vintage. These adorable softies are made with recycled fabric and stuffed with Non Allergenic, Antibacterial recycled stuffing made from post consumer plastic bottles.
Each of the toys stuffed with this, prevents 14 plastic bottles from going to landfill! 
Miss Citi (bottom left) has already found a home, and I have my eye on Archie ( top right)

 Do you remember Jennie's Josephine dollie from the Doily Exhibition? She was bought by a set dresser for the new exciting Cat Stevens Musical MoonShadow. Josephine will be appearing on stage every night and will travel with the Musical. Damn that doll is gonna be Famous! The cast is rehearsing in  studios only 2 blocks away from Gleaners Inc. and a few days ago I spied Cat himself.( Or Yusuf As Cat is now) . Thrills aplenty in old Brunny town I'm tellin ya!

2 May 2012

Nanna-riffic Goodies!

 Super cute Owlies to keep your tea cosy by Ruby Jayne. Great Mother's Day pressies
Super sweet coat hangers. Some with added lavender. Your clothes will thank you (and so will your Mum!).
This second hand Harlequin knit supplied by the Re-Sew-Cool girls is pretty spesh. Would fit an x small ladee or a tween kidlet!
I'm a bit in love with this slinky kitteh knit. It's been adopted by Miss Lily who is a crazy cat lady in training!
We have more cool woollen knits in stock from demure librarian style to "Cosby" bold jacquards, but be quick, they are selling like hotcakes!