31 Mar 2012


Janine from Middlemost Clothing gifted me these flowery potholders  and I can't remember where I found the square one. Do you like?

29 Mar 2012

Nice day for Eye Spy at Gleaners Inc.

Can you spy: 1. A little gnome. 2. The Old woman's house 3. Lino Eggs all in a row 4. A kookaburra
5.A donky and his pal 6. Something for Fondue 7. Something for Milo 8.An Owl?

26 Mar 2012

Behind the Glass

We have two new ultra cool items in the Shop right now.
 This retro Medicine Cabinet was "gleaned" by my very vintage savvy little sister. It's perfect for display, so I'll be sad to let this baby go.
Kerry has sourced these amazing glass bell jars and they are available to buy from Gleaners Inc.!
My furry Koala specimens look kind of uncomfortable sitting under a glass dome, but when you don't like taxidermy, these guys were the next best thing.

24 Mar 2012

Don't Doily Dally......

..........Or you will miss seeing these gorgeous doily creations at Gleaners Inc. 
 Owl House by Louise Saxton. {Louise's exhibition at Heide has just opened, click on the link for info}
 Embroidered Doily by Jodie from Whiskers Lane.
Josephine by Jennie from A Little Vintage
Actually you have missed seeing this guy as he was snapped up last week. A new Sugar Skull clock will be taking it's place tomorrow!

18 Mar 2012

More Doily Shmoily Stuff!

 Nice write up in the SUN!

 Audrey Bunny by Selina's Vintage.
 Doily Flower from Soda Pops.... oops I mean CurlyPops
 Doily Bowls from Ramona
 Rosalinda's Patchwork doily Hottie Cover
"Bluebird of Happiness" doily trimmed Dress by Janine from Middlemost Clothing.

17 Mar 2012

Thankyou Doily lovers!

We had a fantastic night at the "I say Doilies, You say Doyleys " opening.
Thank you for coming one and all. I'm feeling a bit fuzzy this morning, but today I will snap some more pics. of all the fantastic work and post them over this week.

Here is a list of all the contributing artists and their work . We had over 30 submissions, so our little shop was bursting with doily goodness.Thanks again

1.     Doily Necklaces : Louisa Jenyns

2.     White Doily Dress : Helen Johnson

3.     3 x Doily Snail Collages: Serena & Mim (Found)

4.     Doily Patchwork Quilt : Melissa Ninham (Mr& Mrs Charlie)

5.     Lino and Doily Skull Clock : Liz Jones (Betty Jo Designs)

6.     Cross Stitched Doily : Rayna Fahey (Radical Cross Stitch)

7.     2 x Hanging Doily Sculptures : Louise Saxton

8.     2 x Doily Assemblage (hoops): Louise Saxton

9.     Embroidered Doily hoop: Jodie Etchells (Whiskers Lane)

10.  Doily Doll “Doilores”: Beck Walker (Dandelion)

11.   Machine Embroidered Doily: Jo Grant

12.  Lino and Doily Hummingbird Liz Jones ( Betty Jo Designs)

13.  5x Doily Domesti-Cats: Tara Axford ( DudleyRedhead)

14.  Lino & Doily Patchwork : Liz Jones ( Betty Jo Designs)

15.  Patchwork Doily Hottie Cover : Rosalinda Casamento

16.  2 x Doily Tea Cosies : Rosalinda Casamento

17.  Doily Bunny “Audrey” Selina Harding (Selina’s Vintage)

18.  Doily Flower Sculpture : Camille Condon (CurlyPops)

19.  Doily  Bunting : Camille Condon (CurlyPops)

20.  Doily Dolly “Josephine” Jennie Walker (A Little Vintage)

21.  Doily Trimmed Basket: Sophie Garrett

22.  8 x Doily Bowls : Ramona Barry (Words & Pictures)

23.  Doily Cuff: Virginie Callea (Septembre Vintage)

24.  Doily Orb : Ann Marie Holt (Map 29)

25.  Doily & Vintage Bottle Sculpture: Janine Morris ( Second Sister)

26.  Doily Purses : Janine Middlemost (Middlemost Clothing)

27.  Doily Hair Clips : Janine Middlemost ( Middlemost Clothing)

28.  Doily Neckpiece “Spring”: Alisa Burlington (Mon Alisa Designs)

29.  Doily Badges: Jodie Etchells (Whiskers Lane)

30.  9 x Doily Dresses: Janine Middlemost (Middlemost Clothing)

31.  Doily Trimmed Table Cloth : Tracey Bell (Fat Mummas)

32.  4 x Doily Girls Dresses: Dana Leviston (Twiglet)

33.  Petite Four Dish Assemblage Owl : Robyn Stewardson ( Focus on Art)

34.  Doily Light Shade : Ann Marie Holt ( Map 29)

35.  Vintage Lace Dress : Anna Boyd Dunlop (Polly Pratt)