17 Mar 2012

Thankyou Doily lovers!

We had a fantastic night at the "I say Doilies, You say Doyleys " opening.
Thank you for coming one and all. I'm feeling a bit fuzzy this morning, but today I will snap some more pics. of all the fantastic work and post them over this week.

Here is a list of all the contributing artists and their work . We had over 30 submissions, so our little shop was bursting with doily goodness.Thanks again

1.     Doily Necklaces : Louisa Jenyns

2.     White Doily Dress : Helen Johnson

3.     3 x Doily Snail Collages: Serena & Mim (Found)

4.     Doily Patchwork Quilt : Melissa Ninham (Mr& Mrs Charlie)

5.     Lino and Doily Skull Clock : Liz Jones (Betty Jo Designs)

6.     Cross Stitched Doily : Rayna Fahey (Radical Cross Stitch)

7.     2 x Hanging Doily Sculptures : Louise Saxton

8.     2 x Doily Assemblage (hoops): Louise Saxton

9.     Embroidered Doily hoop: Jodie Etchells (Whiskers Lane)

10.  Doily Doll “Doilores”: Beck Walker (Dandelion)

11.   Machine Embroidered Doily: Jo Grant

12.  Lino and Doily Hummingbird Liz Jones ( Betty Jo Designs)

13.  5x Doily Domesti-Cats: Tara Axford ( DudleyRedhead)

14.  Lino & Doily Patchwork : Liz Jones ( Betty Jo Designs)

15.  Patchwork Doily Hottie Cover : Rosalinda Casamento

16.  2 x Doily Tea Cosies : Rosalinda Casamento

17.  Doily Bunny “Audrey” Selina Harding (Selina’s Vintage)

18.  Doily Flower Sculpture : Camille Condon (CurlyPops)

19.  Doily  Bunting : Camille Condon (CurlyPops)

20.  Doily Dolly “Josephine” Jennie Walker (A Little Vintage)

21.  Doily Trimmed Basket: Sophie Garrett

22.  8 x Doily Bowls : Ramona Barry (Words & Pictures)

23.  Doily Cuff: Virginie Callea (Septembre Vintage)

24.  Doily Orb : Ann Marie Holt (Map 29)

25.  Doily & Vintage Bottle Sculpture: Janine Morris ( Second Sister)

26.  Doily Purses : Janine Middlemost (Middlemost Clothing)

27.  Doily Hair Clips : Janine Middlemost ( Middlemost Clothing)

28.  Doily Neckpiece “Spring”: Alisa Burlington (Mon Alisa Designs)

29.  Doily Badges: Jodie Etchells (Whiskers Lane)

30.  9 x Doily Dresses: Janine Middlemost (Middlemost Clothing)

31.  Doily Trimmed Table Cloth : Tracey Bell (Fat Mummas)

32.  4 x Doily Girls Dresses: Dana Leviston (Twiglet)

33.  Petite Four Dish Assemblage Owl : Robyn Stewardson ( Focus on Art)

34.  Doily Light Shade : Ann Marie Holt ( Map 29)

35.  Vintage Lace Dress : Anna Boyd Dunlop (Polly Pratt)


  1. Sorry to have missed this.......but I had a very important 7th Birthday to attend ;)

  2. Wow! So many great contributions, so very proud to be a part of it! I did just notice that the link to "A Little Vintage" blog isn't working btw.

    Great work in putting this altogether! xx

  3. Sorry that I did not make it in time for the exhibition this time, it looks wonderful, well done