31 Dec 2011

Have a Jolly NYE!

The Girls from Gleaners Inc. wish everyone a Jolly New Years Eve and hope all your dreams and aspirations come to fruition in 2012.
Thank you to everyone who has helped make this dream come true in 2011.At the beginning of the year if someone had told us we would be running a cute little shop by October we would have not believed them.
But being firm believers in grabbing an opportunity when it presents itself, we took the plunge.
No one can say what next year will bring, but I'm sure it will be a fun, if not sometimes bumpy, but ultimately rewarding ride!
Gleaners Inc. is open on Thursdays, Fridays and weekends in January from 11-5 (or there abouts)
xxx Liz and Kerry

28 Dec 2011


Boiled eggs are not to be sniffed at. Even tastier if they are served in these cute 70's Danish egg cups. Available at Gleaners Inc.
I actually found several "recipes" for boiled eggs on the web. AND if you need help making toast...just pop over here.

27 Dec 2011

Summer Times at Gleaners Inc.

Gleaners Inc. had a very Merry Christmas. Hope you did too!
If you got some $ to spend on yourself we are open again on Thurday Dec. 29th from 11am-5pm till Saturday 31st December, resting on New Years Day and then trading every Thurday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in January. Come and visit if your in the Brunny hood!

24 Dec 2011

Today will be the last day of Christmas trading at Gleaners Inc. We are open from 10am till 6ish! A huge thanks to everyone who has visited over the last 3 months and the fantastic designers who have helped us grow into a one stop shop for all things delightful.
We will be opening again on Thursday 29th Dec, and then trading on Thurdays, Fridays and weekends over January.
Best wishes one and all from Liz and Kerry xxxx p.s. We had our hair done specially!

17 Dec 2011

Shadows and Champagne

We had a lovely evening at Gleaners Inc. last night, sipping champagne, chatting and looking at all the ducky designs. There were 11 exhibiting designers/ artists /sculptors in the show, and it was so great to see their creative take on the theme "Flight of the Ducks".
Big thanks to all the fantastic creative people that are a part of the first show at Gleaners Inc.
The pieces will be on display and will be available to purchase till January, so do pop in and have a looksie at........
Recycled China and wooden ducks by Tarah from Little Bubalishka, Assemblage metal "Owlducks" by Robyn from Focus on Art, Recycled Cutlery ducks by Greg from Greg Mann Jewellery, Geometric Block and Fabric Duck by Julianne from Sister Outlaws, Machine stitched and mounted ducks by Cam from Curly Pops, 3D triptych and single canvas by Cathy from Tinnie Girl, Vintage patchworked linen ducks by Rosalinda, Fur and found objects sculptured ducks by Genevieve Mclean, Silver "Flying North" necklaces by Jay from Finki, Flying Duck dresses by Anna from Polly Pratt  and Lino Ducks by Betty Jo Designs!
Thanks to Cam for these iphone pics!
 At the end of the evening the sun was streaming through the window and here was the fleeting result!

14 Dec 2011

Ducks in Flight

Looking forward to hanging the selection of Handcrafted Flying Ducks for the "Flight of the Ducks " exhibition this Friday. As most submissions are still to arrive I'm in for a few days of surprises!
We now have a wall of pegboard at Gleaners Inc. I love pegboard. It's perfect for hanging stuff....especially DUCKS!
If you are not into wall ducks we have a limited range of these gorgeous Polly Pratt "Flying Ducks" dresses in store.  Still miffed I couldn't squash into the size 10 . It was a case of "in your dreams" Liz!
Everyone is invited to the shop on Friday afternoon for refreshments and a sweet 10% discount on all purchases. It's a great reason to come on over if you haven't yet visited!

11 Dec 2011


The fairy lights have been turned on in the window , so now it's officially full steam ahead to Christmas.
Yesterday, the shop was bustling with visitors. Cathie dropped off some yummy muffins.
Cathy and Lou pedalled over and sorted out some gifts!
Bec and her gal dropped off some goodies including a bag and a skirt for me and some sweet girls dresses.
My Gorgeous 21 yo nephew came in with his buddies and picked out gifts for his Mum and sister. With out any prompting he chose a Curly Pops sunnies case and brooch, and a Kitty Came Home clutch purse.
My sister and niece in Darwin are going to be in for a colourful crafty treat this year!
We have also been catering for those *wintery* gifts to travel to the northern Hemisphere, like cosy Gaye Abandon Hottie Jumpers and other woolly treats.
There is still plenty of time to get your gifts sorted....and as much as the term "Stocking filler" annoys me, there are so many to choose from at Gleaners Inc. ...and of course it's so much better to shop at small indie retailers and choose handmade gifts that are unique and made with love!

8 Dec 2011

Lino Christmas Wreaths

Betty Jo Designs Christmas Wreaths now available at Gleaners Inc. Comes with a pretty angel!
The angels are also available as single tree decorations. I am happy to make another non Christmasy character to hang inside the wreath so it can be displayed all year round. I'm thinking a swallow, owl or squirrel? These are a limited edition so let me know if you would like one.

4 Dec 2011

Christmas is coming....

.......so I fashioned a tree from some "gleaned" branches and some op shopped decos. Bring on Chrissy!

30 Nov 2011


After being stall buddies at Markit, I am happy to announce we are now stocking these super cool handmade vintage picture blocks by PaperScissorsBlock
 Each block is one-off, made from vintage picture book pages and hand cut wooden blocks. Available in a range of sizes and retro book designs.
I'm loving the map blocks. Perfect for travellers of all ages!

26 Nov 2011

Going to Markit!

Goodies at Markit

Some yummy goodies to be found at Markit tomorrow.
I want everything...except the bunting necklace because I don't need another!
Come and see us in the Edge Theatre Foyer this Sunday November 27th with Betty Jo Designs products and lots of special extras by our designer friends from Gleaners Inc. 
Gleaners Inc. will be closed all Sunday....but we are open today (Saturday 26th Nov.)from 10am-5pm

25 Nov 2011

"Flight of the Ducks"

"Flight of the Ducks"
Crafty Flying Duck Call Out!
Can you make flying ducks from recycled or preloved materials..I'm thinking crochet, felted wool, china, plastic, scrap metal or stuff you wouldn't usually expect a set of Nana-rific flying ducks to be made from?We want your ducks for our special "Flight of the Ducks" exhibition to be held at Gleaners Inc. in the Stairway to Nowhere mini Gallery!
If this is up your crafty alley, contact Liz at Gleaners Inc.
Ducks needed to be delivered to Gleaners Inc. or mailed to Liz by December 15th. So put on your thinking caps and get cracking...or as Vic from Punky and Me quipped.."Put on your thinking Flaps and Get Quacking!!!
Green Flying Ducks
Some ideas : The famous Kaiser Craft Wooden Ducks are the Bee's Knee's (or should I say the ducks flippers). Find them in Kaiser Craft outlets, craft stores or order online (they arrive in one day!!!!)This pattern is V.CuteThese are snazzy!
So go forth and create some Ducks

22 Nov 2011

Hey Good Lookin'

We have vintage aprons at Gleaners Inc. Here is a small sample of our mint condish beauties, sourced by my retro lovin' pal Rachel. Perfect for the retro housewife in us all.
And for a foodie lovers gift, why not combine a vintage apron with a Write to Me Recipe Journal. Be good lookin' while your cookin'.

19 Nov 2011

Bunting Blitz!

I was getting Bunting separation anxiety yesterday after three lengths of the Curly Pops bunting was sold.
But colour was restored in no time as super efficient Cam whipped up some more and hand delivered it too. And look , we received a South African safari cushion aswell!
Phew..Bunting to the Rescue.

18 Nov 2011

Pretty Pics.....

Natalie Jeffcott from Arthur's Circus popped into Gleaners Inc. yesterday. Never without her trusty camera, we were lucky enough to have some colourful shop vignettes recorded for posterity. See Nat's. website here.
We also now stock the Arthur's Circus range of kids tees, and Chrissy postcards featuring cute retro images taken by Natalie. Sweet as................

17 Nov 2011

Four of a Kind - Teapots

It's all about teapots at Gleaners Inc. this week. Check out the cool retro plate by Lucy King.
More Four of a Kind coming up this week.

12 Nov 2011

Online Shopping

Just letting interstate and out of town readers know that we are only too happy to organise payments and shipping for our goodies if you see something you fancy.
We take paypal, direct deposit and as of next week CREDIT CARD!!!!!
Here are some kitties that flew up to Brissy last week and are now languishing contentedly at Kirsten's (Each to Own) Brissy abode. She has renamed them Mark and Rob, who are two of my favorite singers in the world.
Wednesday and Betty Jo Sugar Skull Clock!
Sugar Skull Clock has jetted up to Stokers Siding in the gorgeous Northern NSW hinterlands. 
Can you be jealous of a clock?? I think you can.
Just contact us via the blog or Facebook , email , phone, text, send a carrier pigeon, or some smoke signals. And maybe one day we will have a proper online shop That would be ACE I know.

10 Nov 2011

Window Shopping

 Windows at Gleaners Inc. 
Yesterday we received a choice booty of hand made dresses, skirts, tops and accessories from Middlemost Clothing. Great vintage fabrics and repurposed kitchen linen with a suitable sprinkling of kitsch. The Rosella wrap skirt went straight in the window..........
.....as did the Melbourne skyline tank top and  fantastic geo print skirt!
Violet the shop dummy is looking very pleased with herself. You must pop in and see the whole range.
It's a vintage fabric lovers dream! I will be booking my in house model for some more pictures soon.
And there's a new green lino Petite Cuckoo Clock available at Gleaners Inc. Complete with my trademark wonkyness!

8 Nov 2011

I Love a Sunburnt Country

 Look, we have some  Australiana goodies in the window at Gleaners Inc
Featuring Greg Mann Teaspoon Jewellery,  Betty Jo, Each to Own,  some Aussie themed bric-a brac and some of my koala collection. Pop by to see the whole display!
We also have a winnerof the skull brooch Giveaway! Congrats Kylie from Lucy Violet Vintage.
You have a great a blog Kylie..I just wish I could have made it to Perth for your Garage Sale.

7 Nov 2011

Extra Juicy!

 We are loving  juicy orange tones in Gleaners Inc. Look away now if you are not fond of orange.......

From top left: Australiana apron and matching oven mit, "Luminous Glass" bowl and glass cookie jar, 
Very lovely glazed ceramic condiment set,  Kitchen goodies and a special 70's teapot  warmer and retro enamel teapot.

And new to Gleaners Inc........ "Extra Juicy" melted marble rings .

3 Nov 2011

New Crafty Goodies

 New crafty goodies are arriving everyday at Gleaners Inc. For the nostalgic sewer we have this cute Holly Hobbie sewing machine.
For the tapestry fancier, this pensive, daydreaming Harlequin.
 For the arty geometric lover, we have these groovy felt triangle necklaces by  Margriet Ebben.
I'm wearing the nine piece necklace with the silk Grecian shift ( comes with or with out shoulder pads!)
It's a festival of triangles!

31 Oct 2011

Happy Skull Day

Look who came into Gleaners today...Wednesday Adams sans wig! Wednesday agreed to show off the Betty Jo Sugar Skull Clock as we are celebrating the Mexican Day of the Dead this week.

There maybe a bit of trick or treating tonight with my miniature Jason from Friday The Thirteenth, but there will be absolutely no mention of the Cup this year. Sorry.
So to celebrate  Día de los Muertos, the end of blogtoberfest, and the fact that I haven't had a GIVEAWAY yet on the Gleaners Inc. blog there is a Betty Jo Sugar Skull brooch up for grabs. It will be very muchos like these guys.

So just leave a comment on this post or on the facebook update to win.
For a great overview of the Day of the Dead and all it's creative connotations you must read the awesome Madeleine Stamer's guest post on the Design Files this week. I think some Betty Jo skullies maybe making an appearance.
And finally I just want to thank everyone who has shown support for Gleaners Inc. this month. I have had fun blogging everyday in October and taking you on the Gleaners journey.
Gleaners Inc. will be open tomorrow for all you public holiday peeps! So come on in , I will be cracking open the bubbly at champagne o'clock!

30 Oct 2011

Birds and Bunting

Betty Jo Birds and Curlypops bunting. Owlie tried to fly off his perch today and broke a wing....all better now.

29 Oct 2011

Día de los Muertos!

Day of the Dead Altar in the Gleaners Inc. window. Please note the unintentional reflection of the glorious Spanish mission building opposite. This was once the Brunswick Markets and has now been preserved in all it's brick and stucco glory!
Note the decorative sugar skull garlands by Julianne from "Sweet By and By" (these are for sale) and my new Sugar Skull Clock (which is also for sale). Tomorrow I am going to a Day of the Dead party hosted by one of my Gleaners Inc. neighbours, who is the most charming of Mexican boys one would ever hope to meet.  
Estoy emocionado!

28 Oct 2011

Hello Gleaners Inc.

 Peeking into my studio from the counter.
Lovely hand woven bird cages by Sqiggly Rainbow hanging from the interesting architectural feature that hides and diffuses the fluorescent lights.

27 Oct 2011

Red Cats

 There's some cute things peeking out the window at Gleaners Inc.
I think I will call them Sprinkle and Speckle!