12 Nov 2011

Online Shopping

Just letting interstate and out of town readers know that we are only too happy to organise payments and shipping for our goodies if you see something you fancy.
We take paypal, direct deposit and as of next week CREDIT CARD!!!!!
Here are some kitties that flew up to Brissy last week and are now languishing contentedly at Kirsten's (Each to Own) Brissy abode. She has renamed them Mark and Rob, who are two of my favorite singers in the world.
Wednesday and Betty Jo Sugar Skull Clock!
Sugar Skull Clock has jetted up to Stokers Siding in the gorgeous Northern NSW hinterlands. 
Can you be jealous of a clock?? I think you can.
Just contact us via the blog or Facebook , email , phone, text, send a carrier pigeon, or some smoke signals. And maybe one day we will have a proper online shop That would be ACE I know.


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    Thank you Ladies :)

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