25 Nov 2011

"Flight of the Ducks"

"Flight of the Ducks"
Crafty Flying Duck Call Out!
Can you make flying ducks from recycled or preloved materials..I'm thinking crochet, felted wool, china, plastic, scrap metal or stuff you wouldn't usually expect a set of Nana-rific flying ducks to be made from?We want your ducks for our special "Flight of the Ducks" exhibition to be held at Gleaners Inc. in the Stairway to Nowhere mini Gallery!
If this is up your crafty alley, contact Liz at Gleaners Inc.
Ducks needed to be delivered to Gleaners Inc. or mailed to Liz by December 15th. So put on your thinking caps and get cracking...or as Vic from Punky and Me quipped.."Put on your thinking Flaps and Get Quacking!!!
Green Flying Ducks
Some ideas : The famous Kaiser Craft Wooden Ducks are the Bee's Knee's (or should I say the ducks flippers). Find them in Kaiser Craft outlets, craft stores or order online (they arrive in one day!!!!)This pattern is V.CuteThese are snazzy!
So go forth and create some Ducks

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  1. Oh Gawd, I can't believe you quoted that awful line!! My ducks aren't working out the way I'd hoped... :(