30 May 2013

"Take Heart"

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, The next Gleaners Inc. exhibition in the Stairway to Nowhere Gallery will be titled "Take Heart"
We are now inviting artists and crafts people to create a piece for our group show utilizing the symbol of the heart as inspiration. 
Simple, symmetrical and easily reproduced, the Heart shape is design at it finest.The universal symbol of the Heart is probably the world’s most recognizable image. Variations on the heart shape have been used in cultural and religious contexts through the ages to represent romance, love and all things sacred. In popular culture the heart appears regularly in art, fashion, religious iconography and commercial celebrations.

This exhibition will be part of Craft Victoria's Craft Cubed  Festival. The show opens on Friday, August the 2nd. and runs through to August the 31st
Submissions are now OPEN and can be emailed to Liz  at gleanersinc@gmail.com . Register your interest and provide a brief description of the work you wish to exhibit. Accompanying images will be happily accepted. 

29 May 2013

Great Markit Day!

 Thanks to all the friends and customers who visited our stall at Markit @ Fed Square on Sunday. We had a lovely day and boy was it busy and packed.
As you can see, even though we had a smallish table , we packed it full of gorgeous Gleaners Inc. goodies!
Can't wait for the next one!

12 May 2013

Happy Days

 Hello lovely people. I'm always happy to report Gleaners Inc. is still going strong. We had a boomer day yesterday with a big bunch of people choosing gifts for their Mummas. Cuddles and kisses to all the mothers and carers and generous women who do what they do and don't expect acknowledgement. You make the world go round, so have a happy day. We acknowledge you are Awesome!
Gleaners is bursting with fresh goodies like these cute new Dandelyne brooches and pendants and crocheted  Granny slippers and cushions by Ruby Jayne .
 The woolly knits are back! Even though last week was almost Spring like, the wintery weather is kicking in next week and warmth will be a priority! So why not be warm retro style in cosy and colourful patterned knits Bill Cosby would be proud to wear.
We can get enough tapestries at Gleaners Inc. and here is one of Liz's new favorites. Hello Bonnie and her foal Harry.