29 Dec 2012

Happy Holidays

Hello there. Right now I am formulating a plan of action for Gleaners Inc.over the January school holidays.
Stay tuned as this Mumma attempts to juggle the bejesus out of her many balls flipping around in the air. 
I know for sure we will be closed from Monday January 7th to Friday January 11th while I chillax down at the Prom.
While you wait I have posted some pretty pics.of the shop for your viewing pleasure. 
Enjoy your New Years Eve celebrations and Hooray for 2013. I have been waiting patiently for you to come around so I can leave this past doozy of a year behind us for good!!!

20 Dec 2012

Good for gift giving Goodies!

Here are just a few of the cool and colourful, good for gift giving goodies you can find at Gleaners Inc.this Christmas.
The Ruby Jayne teacosies are proving to be a hit as are all these yummy products; like Whiskers Lane embroidered badges, Betty Jo Designs necklaces, A Little Vintage dolls, Pleatybunny by Miss FOO artwork and accessories, Madz Has Runaway brooches, and  PipDesign kitties!

16 Dec 2012

Waiting for Marco!

 If you have ever visited our shop over the last one and a bit years you may have spotted Xavier the local cat chillin' out the front. Xavier will sit all day on my chair waiting if his owner Marco is walking to Sydney Rd. to run errands. But only if he says STAY! If he forgets, Xavier will follow him down Sydney Rd. and wait outside Safeway like a good pooch!
Xavier keeps me company and generates alot of oohs and aahs from the young ladies. This handsome furry dude must have used up quite a few of his nine lives the way he ambles across  roads in hoony Brunswick!
Be safe Xavier xx

6 Dec 2012

Thankyou...till next exhibition.

I just wanted to say thanks to all Gleaners Inc's artistic friends (in real life and online) who contributed work to our Day of the Dead show last month.

 “Polly Pratt”- Anna Boyd Dunlop, 
 “A Little Vintage”- Jenni Walker,
“Textile Allsorts”- Melanie Hill,
“Lizandbobdesigns”- Liz Harvey,
 Rosalinda Casamento, 
 Louise Saxton, 
“Pleaty Bunny by Miss Foo”-Sai-Wai Foo, 
“Sarah Louisa”- Sarah Dunn, 
“Scotatto”- Sarah Russell
“Little Circus Design”- Madeleine Stamer,
“Genny Bird Studio”- Genevieve McLean
“Middlemost”- Janine Middlemost,
“Pannikin”- Holly Leonardson, 
“Little Black Crow Studio”- Grace Garton
 “Skitty Kitty”- Catherein Stein, 
“Ruby 2 Go Go”- Helen Berthold, 
“Diva Joolz”- Sue Garrard, 
“Ruby Jayne”- Eril Pickford,
"Curly Pops”- Camille Condon,  
Iona Harmony Bruce
“Sweet By and By” Julianne Negri 

 The Day of the Dead Giveaway was won by Raging Yoghurt! Pop into Gleaners Ms.Yoghurt, or contact us to arrange collection of your skully booty!
 Stay tuned for our next exciting project scheduled for March 2013 titled "A Piece of Cloth". 
Deets on the L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival website.

4 Dec 2012

Tis' the Season

After questioning the appropriate time to put up the Chrissy tree and decos on Facebook, the general consensus was the first  weekend of December.
So a tree was procured from Spotlight and the op-shop ornaments were taken out of storage. Babs is impressed with her unintentional colour co-ordination!
I also found the fairy lights!
Pop into Gleaners Inc. for awesome handmade, Aussie made products this festive season.