29 Dec 2012

Happy Holidays

Hello there. Right now I am formulating a plan of action for Gleaners Inc.over the January school holidays.
Stay tuned as this Mumma attempts to juggle the bejesus out of her many balls flipping around in the air. 
I know for sure we will be closed from Monday January 7th to Friday January 11th while I chillax down at the Prom.
While you wait I have posted some pretty pics.of the shop for your viewing pleasure. 
Enjoy your New Years Eve celebrations and Hooray for 2013. I have been waiting patiently for you to come around so I can leave this past doozy of a year behind us for good!!!

1 comment:

  1. glad I read you post, I was gunna pop in to pick up budgie :) I can't do weekends for visits as alone with kidlets, but any weekday is o.k Let me know what trading days/times you'll be doing mid week and i'll plan a trip over. Cheers, Jay x