29 Mar 2013

I Heart Gleaners Inc.

Hooray! Thanks for every bodies ♥ and support for Gleaners Inc.
We are travelling into the year with lots of plans and events! (Here's a hint!)

The shop will be officially open on Easter Saturday, but because creative deadlines don't stop for public holidays, we will un-officially have the doors open today (Friday) and Sunday while Liz is in the studio. See you, and remember....Make Art, it's good for the Heart!

27 Mar 2013

Gleaners is Go!

Look at our new Kitchen Dresser display. We have had a bit of a shop rejig this week as our lovely old industrial cabinet had to be returned to it's owner. But luckily we are baby sitting this dresser and it fits right in.

Things at Gleaners Inc. have been rather up in the air over the past two months. You may know that we are situated in the reception area of a larger factory/warehouse that once housed Perruci Shirts.
With the coming and going of other tenants in the building and some lease issues, we weren't certain we would be able to stay on in our cute little space.
But finally, after 2 months of waiting, we found out today we CAN stay. Hooray.
Unfortunately it's not a long term agreement, but that's life as a tenant in Brunswick, where the developers hover around like vultures and creative enterprises are regularly forced to move while great buildings get bulldozed to make way for boxy apartment blocks.
So we are happy to be staying on here at 2 Ballarat St. and hope it will be for a good long time!!!!
Hope to see you soon.

24 Mar 2013

Ramekins Love!

 We LOVE ramekins at Gleaners Inc. Check out these polka dot beauties just in!
This is just some of my ramekin collection. A framed print of this image is available to purchase in store!!

14 Mar 2013

Is this an Op shop????

On the odd occasion I get people popping their heads into Gleaners Inc. and asking if it is an op shop. 
One girl told her friend it must be an op shop because it smells like one?????
 Well that could be taken two ways, but it didn't stop me colour coding our vintage clothing rack just like the proper upmarket op shops do. It could be straight out of a Salvos!!
It was mid to high 30's on the weekend when all of a sudden it started raining. Although the temperature didn't drop I lined the plants up to have a shower and I don't think they knew what hit them!!!!!  
Although the shop stays relatively cool with it's thick concrete walls, that heat wave was a doozy and I for one am happy it's over!

5 Mar 2013

30 designers.One Piece of Cloth!

Imagine giving 30 designers and craftspeople one swatch of cloth cut from a large length and asking them to use it as inspiration for a creative project.
That’s what we did late last year. The result is a collection of amazing work by the big creative collective we have formed at Gleaners Inc. Made up of wonderfully imaginative and talented makers, all are totally unique in their creative practice. As is usual with people that love to make, all are cut from the same cloth. 
They share an innate desire to design, produce and share their work for pleasure or profit and love an artistic challenge!
Thank you to all these awesome people for being a part of our show.

2 Mar 2013

Happening NOW!

 Our group show "A Piece of Cloth" is happening now! It's all Autumny and bursting with 70's retro colours. The work is stunning and personally, I've loved working in this colour palette.

"A Piece of Cloth" runs throughout March. If you can make it in to see it in person you won't be sorry xxx Liz