5 Mar 2013

30 designers.One Piece of Cloth!

Imagine giving 30 designers and craftspeople one swatch of cloth cut from a large length and asking them to use it as inspiration for a creative project.
That’s what we did late last year. The result is a collection of amazing work by the big creative collective we have formed at Gleaners Inc. Made up of wonderfully imaginative and talented makers, all are totally unique in their creative practice. As is usual with people that love to make, all are cut from the same cloth. 
They share an innate desire to design, produce and share their work for pleasure or profit and love an artistic challenge!
Thank you to all these awesome people for being a part of our show.


  1. Such a glorious idea! The colours are lovely!

  2. Congratulations on a great idea and a great show! We've plugged it today on HML x