27 Mar 2013

Gleaners is Go!

Look at our new Kitchen Dresser display. We have had a bit of a shop rejig this week as our lovely old industrial cabinet had to be returned to it's owner. But luckily we are baby sitting this dresser and it fits right in.

Things at Gleaners Inc. have been rather up in the air over the past two months. You may know that we are situated in the reception area of a larger factory/warehouse that once housed Perruci Shirts.
With the coming and going of other tenants in the building and some lease issues, we weren't certain we would be able to stay on in our cute little space.
But finally, after 2 months of waiting, we found out today we CAN stay. Hooray.
Unfortunately it's not a long term agreement, but that's life as a tenant in Brunswick, where the developers hover around like vultures and creative enterprises are regularly forced to move while great buildings get bulldozed to make way for boxy apartment blocks.
So we are happy to be staying on here at 2 Ballarat St. and hope it will be for a good long time!!!!
Hope to see you soon.

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