7 Nov 2011

Extra Juicy!

 We are loving  juicy orange tones in Gleaners Inc. Look away now if you are not fond of orange.......

From top left: Australiana apron and matching oven mit, "Luminous Glass" bowl and glass cookie jar, 
Very lovely glazed ceramic condiment set,  Kitchen goodies and a special 70's teapot  warmer and retro enamel teapot.

And new to Gleaners Inc........ "Extra Juicy" melted marble rings .


  1. Big orange lover here.
    Those marble rings are fabulous!

  2. And i have 2 orange items to drop off too- won't get a chance tomorrow, though, are you thinking of coming to NCB wed night? Can bring along to give you....

  3. loving the orange! So bright & cheerful! So Retro!