17 Dec 2011

Shadows and Champagne

We had a lovely evening at Gleaners Inc. last night, sipping champagne, chatting and looking at all the ducky designs. There were 11 exhibiting designers/ artists /sculptors in the show, and it was so great to see their creative take on the theme "Flight of the Ducks".
Big thanks to all the fantastic creative people that are a part of the first show at Gleaners Inc.
The pieces will be on display and will be available to purchase till January, so do pop in and have a looksie at........
Recycled China and wooden ducks by Tarah from Little Bubalishka, Assemblage metal "Owlducks" by Robyn from Focus on Art, Recycled Cutlery ducks by Greg from Greg Mann Jewellery, Geometric Block and Fabric Duck by Julianne from Sister Outlaws, Machine stitched and mounted ducks by Cam from Curly Pops, 3D triptych and single canvas by Cathy from Tinnie Girl, Vintage patchworked linen ducks by Rosalinda, Fur and found objects sculptured ducks by Genevieve Mclean, Silver "Flying North" necklaces by Jay from Finki, Flying Duck dresses by Anna from Polly Pratt  and Lino Ducks by Betty Jo Designs!
Thanks to Cam for these iphone pics!
 At the end of the evening the sun was streaming through the window and here was the fleeting result!


  1. Looks fantastic! Can't wait to come in and have a squiz! Well done and thanks for organising the exhibition Liz!

  2. I loved the exhibition, and it was really lovely to meet you and others.
    You shall most definitely see me again in your shop :-)
    Sonia xx (the violin-playing-nursing-studying-newby-art/crafter first visitor last night!)

  3. It all looks so cool! So bummed my ducks were a fail & I couldn't join in this time.

  4. that last pic is wonderful Liz, glad the exhibition went well x

  5. Thanks for the comments ladies.
    Great to meet you too Sonia,love to catch up again soon.
    It would be great to see you too Julianne.
    Stay tuned for the next group show theme Vic, Kylie and Rachel!!!