14 Dec 2011

Ducks in Flight

Looking forward to hanging the selection of Handcrafted Flying Ducks for the "Flight of the Ducks " exhibition this Friday. As most submissions are still to arrive I'm in for a few days of surprises!
We now have a wall of pegboard at Gleaners Inc. I love pegboard. It's perfect for hanging stuff....especially DUCKS!
If you are not into wall ducks we have a limited range of these gorgeous Polly Pratt "Flying Ducks" dresses in store.  Still miffed I couldn't squash into the size 10 . It was a case of "in your dreams" Liz!
Everyone is invited to the shop on Friday afternoon for refreshments and a sweet 10% discount on all purchases. It's a great reason to come on over if you haven't yet visited!

1 comment:

  1. Finished my duck yesterday Liz! Yay! Will find a way to fly it to you...