6 May 2012

Softies and The Cat!

We are lucky enough to stock a selection of hand made Koalas and  Dollies by Jennie from A Little Vintage. These adorable softies are made with recycled fabric and stuffed with Non Allergenic, Antibacterial recycled stuffing made from post consumer plastic bottles.
Each of the toys stuffed with this, prevents 14 plastic bottles from going to landfill! 
Miss Citi (bottom left) has already found a home, and I have my eye on Archie ( top right)

 Do you remember Jennie's Josephine dollie from the Doily Exhibition? She was bought by a set dresser for the new exciting Cat Stevens Musical MoonShadow. Josephine will be appearing on stage every night and will travel with the Musical. Damn that doll is gonna be Famous! The cast is rehearsing in  studios only 2 blocks away from Gleaners Inc. and a few days ago I spied Cat himself.( Or Yusuf As Cat is now) . Thrills aplenty in old Brunny town I'm tellin ya!


  1. Love a famous moment! I saw Yusuf on Adam Hills the other week, he's so softly and well spoken- so good looking too! I would have done a little squeal too! Hope you're invited to opening night haha