29 Sep 2011

Australia Rules

No, not Australian Rules as in the BIG match this Saturday. Australia Rules. As in Australia rules in the kitsch souvenir department! Deep down I know alot of us don't mind a bit of Aussie kitsch,eh mate!
"Gleaners Inc". won't shy away from it either. Because if there's a souvenir teatowel or spoon or tray, no doubt you will find it at Gleaners Inc.transformed into a unique, one-of-kind gift!
I just scored this Spoon Rack...now I have an excuse to bring home more spoons to fill er up! 


  1. Can't wait to come shopping. I love Aussie kitsch and I imagine you will have all sorts of goodness in store.

  2. Score, love the Aussie kitsch, with spoons, gold!or should I say silver.