15 Apr 2012

Gleaners Inc. way back when.......

                             stylish men visited to purchase hand made shirts.
Gleaners Inc. now

A bit of history is interesting don't you think. Especially when it puts things into context.
Gleaners Inc. is housed in the foyer of an old textiles Factory. Purpose built for Yakka in 1955,  it also housed Fletcher Jones till they moved to Warrnambool. Afterwards it was the base for Perruci shirts, "Actual Makers of Craftsman Tailored Shirts in the European Tradition".
You can read an interesting post about the demise of Perrici Shirts here. We are introduced to Bill Perruci(above)  and it makes an  interesting comment on the textiles industry and onshore manufacturing in general. I often get continental gents swinging by enquiring if the shirts are still available or staying longer and  telling me about their shirts in detail. Look closely at the picture and you may spy an old "King of Pop". (one of many famous customers I'm sure.).


  1. Wow! Would not have thought - it's quite fun to know it's history! Hope you're enjoying the sunshine in Brunswick today! We are having a giveaway too over at my blog! xx

  2. Such an amazing history. It makes me sad when I drive around the back streets of Brunswick and see what's happening to all the old factory sites.