22 Oct 2011

"Bunting Crazy"

Today I'm going to snaffle a few pics. from the very talented crafty gal Jay from Finki.who visited Gleaners Inc. the other day and picked up a Betty Jo bunting necklace, and a cute kitty brooch.
Thanks Jay for the sweet review of the shop . I must say the lino "Bunting Crazy" necklaces have been proving to be a Gleaners best seller..so thanks to all who have visited over the past two weeks. I am having a ball!
And I'll share Jays great tip for your visit to Brunswick.....
"You could make a day of it and come see me at Olive Grove, pop in for some op shopping at Savers, see Liz at Gleaners then dine at any one of the awesome cafes or yummy Turkish restaurants on Sydney Rd."
Just ask me for my pick of the Turkish eaterys!!

1 comment:

  1. They are awesome necklaces and I love a Turkish pizza, what a wonderful day out, things are so much cooler around there than when I lived on Glenlyon Rd - although the pizzas were always good.