23 Oct 2011

Sunday Funday!

I have been potting up succulents in odd pots, tins and teapots to bring some greenery to the industrial facade of Gleaners Inc.. They were going to be for show, but sure enough people have been asking to buy them. Last week I sold five! So from now on they are officially for sale. 
Mr "Wise Old Owl" ( as his mate named him) took a fancy to my macrame owl today. The Owl probably predates this dude by a good 10 years!


  1. :o) Sounds like a very interesting day! You might have to make the potting upcycling too: only plants from existing plants (i.e. no seed planting)!!!

  2. Love the pots! Of course people would buy them, they're so cute and fun. And orange :)
    So wish your shop wasn't so far away...