16 Jan 2012

New/Old finds

 I begrudgingly agreed to drive hubby to work in Richmond the other day. The boy child specifically requested we do not stop at Abbotsford Salvo's as often I can loose over an hour there...but he didn't say no to garage sales. Especially one where a very old dude was emptying out his ancient garage!
Now this cool metal display cabinet will be living at Gleaners Inc. Probably displaying some colourful Curlypops and Shagpile goodies. I also picked up a big set of ceder pigeonholes... thank goodness for the hatchback!
I also rescued some concrete friends for reading gnome (who himself was a nature strip rescue) from a skip in Preston.  Kirsten from Each to Own  asked  "how could anyone put a gnome in a skip? gnomes have feelings too...". 
Well now these guys and their froggy friend will greet you at the door of Gleaners Inc. happily relieved that they won't be ending their lives buried at the dump!

1 comment:

  1. Fabulous!! Love the metal display case. My kids are starting to groan when I suddenly screech to a halt and reverse rapidly back to something or other on the nature strip. Luckily I'm the one driving, I say!!