17 Feb 2012

Doily Inspiration...

We are cranking up the making for the "I say Doilies, you say Doyleys" exhibition at Gleaners Inc.
If you are definitely submitting a piece, please confirm by leaving a comment here on the blog, on Facebook  or by email at gleanersinc@gmail.com. 
If you have finished your masterpiece I am accepting high res. images to use for publicity so send them in!
And for your doily viewing pleasure, some of my favourite finds a la doily...........
Skoily by  Skull a day
Dreamy Quilt by MrandMrsCharlie
 Duck n' Doily cushion by Love from Hetty and Dave


  1. LOVE the doily web. Will get something to you soon. Madly busy with school fete preparations which will be all over in a week and a bit. ;o)