28 Aug 2012

Daddyo's Day

Yes, you can find a funky gift for Dad at Gleaners Inc. We have cool stuff for the retro lovin father starting from a measly $4...Like:
1. Polyhydra Cards by Messagemark.
2. Vintage ivory Domino Set.
3. Vintage Mountie tin.
4. Watch parts cufflinks by Owl and Sparrow.
5. Action man tie pin by Redpeg.
6. Melways Bottle opener /Keyring by Map 29.
7. Leather Camera Case by Scottato.
8.Vintage tie.
9.Fabric cufflinks by Middlemost.
10. Gardening Dad badge.
11. Automobile badge.
12. Souvenier teaspoon cufflinks and tiepin by Greg Mann Jewellery.
13. Domino badge.
For a better look click on the pic. to enlarge :)

Or for the Dad that has never grown up, try a Dino planter from Call me Ishmael.

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