6 Sep 2012

Thankyou !

 Thankyou to all the artists that participated in the Group Show "Feather Your Nest" at Gleaners Inc.
  1. Madeleine Stamer -Little Circus Design “Rudbeckia Hirta” Hand Painted Giclee Print
  2. Louise Saxton “Be Still My Fluttering Heart” Reclaimed Embroidery Nest
  3. Eril Pickford- Ruby Jayne “Crochet Bird Bag”
  4. Eril Pickford- Ruby Jayne “2x String Bird Houses”
  5. Eril Pickford- Ruby Jayne “Hatched Lorikeet” Tea Cosy
  6. Janine Middlemost “Feather Your Nest” Collage
  7. Janine Middlemost “Bird of a Feather” Collage
  8. Janine Middlemost “Feather Your Nest” Embroidery Hoops
  9. Janine Middlemost “Peacock Tonic” Dresses
  10. Janine Middlemost “Birds of Australia” Skirt
  11. Genevieve McLean “Little White Owl” Bell Jar Assemblage
  12. Genevieve McLean “My Place” Wall Hanging
  13. Julianne Negri-Sweet By and By “Culture Catcher”
  14. Trevor Smith “Nesting Pot” Tea Cosy
  15. Stephanie Karavasi “Bower” Birdcage Assemblage
  16. Grace Garton- Little Black Crow “Feather Your Nest” Art Doll
  17. Grace Garton- Little Black Crow “Feather Your Nest” Mixed Media Canvas
  18. Sai-Wai Foo- Pleaty Bunny “Iced Vovos, Jam Fancies and Cups of Tea” Paper Collage
  19. Sai-Wai Foo- Pleaty Bunny “Flight of Fancy” Paper Sculpture
  20. Sai-Wai Foo- Pleaty Bunny 3x “Song Birds” Paper Collages
  21. Jennie Walker- A Little Vintage “Miss Hilda” Doll.
  22. Virginie Callea- Septembre Vintage “Feather” Pendant
  23. Robyn Stewardson- Focus on Art “Breeding in the 2nd drawer down ” Assemblage
  24. Robyn Steel Stickland “Woven Nest”
  25. Robyn Steel Stickland “Felted Nests”
  26. Camille Condon-Curlypops “Bird on a Flywire” Machine Stitched Hoop
  27. Camille Condon-Curlypops “Frooches” Feather Brooches
  28. Cathy Kirwan- Tinnie Girl “Bird of Dreams” Canvas
  29. Catherine Stein-Slitty Kitty “Magpie Trio” Needle Felting
  30. Fleur Dow-Upcycled Greetings “N.E.S.T” Recycled Paper
  31. Julie Kiefel bow BIRDIE “Feather Collage” Earrings
  32. Rachel -Squiggly Rainbow “Willow Bird Cages”
  33. Kirsten Devitt-Each to Own “Feather and Bird” Wooden Jewellery
  34. Rosalinda Casamento “Birds of a Feather” Jacket
  35. Liz Walker  “Feathers”& "Nests" Corrugated Iron Sculptures.


  1. It was a great gig, Liz. Thanks for curating it. ;o)

  2. Yes thanks Liz! Your exhibitions always inspire some creative thinking and challenges beyond our "usual" craft work. Thanks for revving us all up and getting us enthusiastic! You're the curating hostess with the mostess!