27 Nov 2012

Lovely stuff !

On Sunday we took a selection of Gleaners Inc. goodies to Markit @ Fed Square. Here is our colourful stall, Liz hamming it up after WAY too many espressos ( what has happened to my arm?), and the sensible shoes of me and my lovely stall buddy Pleatybunny by Miss FOO (who was uber organized and lent me  hooks, scissors and change!) 
Thanks to Kerry from Luminous Glass Studio for the helping out, and to everyone that came and got a little bit of treasure from our stall!!
A cute couple of A little Vintage dolls have just arrived in store. Hello Nella and Nathan.
Jennie thought Nella seemed to be rolling her eyes at Nathan, but I guessed she was rolling them at me because I'd plonked her in a basket with a boy dolls hand on her bum. Maybe that's why Nathan has a slight smirk on his face!
We are happy here at Gleaners Inc. as a mega load of  fresh Each to Own jewellery has just been unpacked.
I cried a little inside that these babies didn't make it down in time for Markit, ( Australia post delivered it on the Sunday while I was there - ANNOYING!)  but that means lucky Gleaners Inc.customers will have the pick of the bunch!


  1. Oh my goodness! You're armless! The stall looks magnificent!

  2. Fed square called they found your missing arm in the lost property bin!!!! xxx
    PS good to see you yesterday

    1. Someone else had claimed it already. I'll be Venus de Milo for all eternity!