6 Jun 2012

Birds of a Feather

 Did you hear the news regarding Gleaners Inc. nest Exhibition ( I mean next)! The theme is "Feather Your Nest" and I'm excited that already we have some seriously well respected artists/ craftspeople  committing work to the show.
 I  still have this sturdy nest I found in the vine on my fence several years ago. Nests are certainly a feat of engineering and patience. Craft at it finest!
On the way to school drop off this morning I think I stopped 4 times to pick up some last minute hard rubbish finds. I PROMISED Charlie this wrought iron bird would be the last one. Fitting really, as I am taking it into the studio today to play with. I might even need to tar and feather this guy, so to speak!
So email us at gleanersinc@gmail.com if you want to be involved.

1 comment:

  1. Great stuff! What a bird!Look at the grand stand it's on! I'm working on something....will be in touch.......