3 Jun 2012

"Feather Your Nest"

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Today we announce the theme for the next Gleaners Inc. exhibition in the Stairway to Nowhere Gallery
Following on from the last two very successful exhibitions Flight of the Ducks (featuring the iconic Flying Duck) and I Say Doilies,You Say Doyleys (featuring crafts utilising the humble doily), this exhibition will be part of Craft Victoria's Craft Cubed  Festival. The show opens on Friday, August the 3rd. and runs through to August the 31st.
We are inviting you to interpret the popular idiom and create a work  that references the theme "Feather your Nest".
Submissions are now OPEN and can be emailed to Liz  at gleanersinc@gmail.com . Register your interest and provide a brief description of the work you wish to exhibit. Accompanying images will be happily accepted. 

The term 'Feather your Nest' alludes to birds creating cosy havens by lining their nests with feathers to make them warm and comfortable. Feathers, nests and birds are recurring motifs in the craft and design world. After the popularity of Portlandia's "Put a Bird On It" spoof on bird craft died down, the avian trend has bounced back even stronger, with bird prints and feathers adorning many 2012 Spring/Summer collections and renowned designers embracing the bird in its many forms.

We love birds and feathers at Gleaners Inc.and know that the craft community will embrace this new challenge to start Nesting!