24 Jun 2012


One of my favorite things in Gleaners Inc. is my Craftamatic Mark 1 typewriter. Not a day goes by with out a customer admiring its retro goodness, a kid has a tappity tap or a earnest young writer promises to buy it when his royalty cheque arrives! I'm kind of hoping it doesn't sell. I'll miss it.
It was originally sold at Bundoora Typewriters, but I can guess that place in no longer in existance. I found the last remaining typewriter repairer in Melbourne via here. Tom the Typewriter guy sells ribbons and gives these beauties another life!
Did you know Woody Allen has written EVERYTHING he has ever produced in the last 50 years on his Olympia typewriter. Well you would if you watched the awesome doco on his amazing life last night!!!!


  1. like i needed another reason to love Woody :-) that typewriter is a beauty!

  2. I have a craftamatic mark 1 too, that typewriter's great