7 Jun 2012

Unreal Feathers

Just a heads up regarding the up and coming exhibition "Feather Your Nest" at Gleaners Inc. in August. We love feathers here, BUT we love them on living birds!
So if you are planning a work for the show using feathers, please keep them "Unreal"!
If you want to use found shed feathers from a happily living bird, that is fine, but those of the plucked variety wont be accepted.
The best kind of feathers in art are those made from recycled materials. Pictured above is the divine work of local sculptor Liz Walker. Liz's award winning pieces utilise discarded man made materials to create breathtakingly delicate assemblages. We will be exhibiting a piece of Liz's work in the Gleaners Inc.show which is very exciting.
So get to work and help Gleaners Inc.embrace our avian friends!

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